If you've made a theme, we want to hear about it! Please open an issue and we'll get it added to the site.

Creating A New Theme

In addition to the general theme creation instructions, each recipe has specific requirements about what pages the theme must contain. This recipe requires the following pages to be present in the theme:

  • _Index.cshtml
    The home page for the site that lists all of the available blog posts.

  • _Layout.cshtml
    The main layout for the theme including the HTML header, scripts, etc.

  • _Archive.cshtml
    The template for the main archive page.

  • _Tags.cshtml
    The main tag index listing all the tags.

  • _Tag.cshtml
    The template for each individual tag listing all of the posts for that tag.

  • _PostLayout.cshtml
    The layout applied to each post (this is separate from the primary layout to allow for post-specific features like commenting systems).

A theme will probably also have many files that aren't required, but it must have these ones at a minimum.