Document Metadata

Input Metadata

The metadata values listed below apply to individual documents and are typically set from front matter (with just the name of the key) and used as inputs to the recipes in the pipeline to control behavior.

  • BlogKeys.Image: System.String

    The relative path to an image for the current post or page (often shown in the header of the page).

  • BlogKeys.Lead: System.String

    A short description of a particular blog post.

  • BlogKeys.ProcessIncludes: System.Boolean

    Indicates that include statements should be processed using the Wyam.Core.Modules.IO.Include module. The default behavior is not to process includes.

  • BlogKeys.Published: System.DateTime or System.String

    The date of the post.

  • BlogKeys.ShowInNavbar: System.Boolean

    Set to false to hide a particular page from the top-level navigation bar.

  • BlogKeys.Tags: System.String or IEnumerable<string>

    The tags for a given post.

  • BlogKeys.Title: System.String

    The title of the post or page.

Output Metadata

The metadata values listed below apply to individual documents and are created and set by the recipe as indicated in their descriptions and are available for use from your own pages and templates.

  • BlogKeys.Excerpt: System.String

    An excerpt of the blog post, automatically set for each document by the recipe.

  • BlogKeys.Posts: IEnumerable<IDocument>

    Set by the recipe for tag groups. Contains the set of documents with a given tag.

  • BlogKeys.Tag: System.String

    Set by the recipe to the name of the tag for each tag group.

Note that these lists aren't exhaustive. Some modules used by the recipe may have their own document metadata that you can set as well.