Shortcodes are small but powerful macros that can generate content in your documents. Click here to learn more about shortcodes in general.

CodePen Embeds a CodePen pen.
Embed Calls an oEmbed endpoint and renders the embedded content.
Figure Generates HTML5 figure elements.
Giphy Embeds a Giphy gif.
Gist Embeds a GitHub gist.
Highlight Wyam.Highlight Adds code highlighting CSS styles.
Include Includes a file from the virtual file system.
Link Renders a link from the given path, using default settings or specifying overrides as appropriate.
Meta Renders the metadata value with the given key from the current document.
Raw A special shortcode that will output whatever is in it's content.
Table Renders an HTML table.
Twitter Renders a Tweet.
YouTube Embeds a YouTube video.